Backyard Patios

New Construction

If you are considering a new pool, the best first step is to come into our store and sit down with a representative who can answer any questions you might have. We will be able to help you narrow down your size and shape options as well as the many optional features that are available. You will leave having a much clearer idea of what building and owning a pool looks like in addition to the cost.

Once we have had an opportunity to establish the design direction, we will send a representative out to your home to layout the pool and discuss patio layout, equipment placement, drainage strategy, fence location, etc. This is another great opportunity to meet with the owners who will be on site throughout the entire construction process.

After you have selected Aqua-Tech to be your builder, we have you sign your contract and put down a 30% deposit. We then begin ordering your kit and acquiring your permits and assisting with any HOA applications.

The building process is as follows

  1. Layout & Excavation
    Once you are satisfied with the design, the final layout will be mapped out in your yard for the beginning of excavation. We make every attempt to minimize the mess and create as little disturbance as possible to neighbors, driveways, etc. When the pool is finished, we will do a finish grade with the bobcat to prep the yard for sod or seed.
  2. Setting Walls
    After the hole is dug, we set the galvanized steel panel walls in place which are reinforced with A-frame bracing and a concrete footer. A relief line is set in place to ensure proper drainage away from the pool. The walls are backfilled with pea gravel.
  3. Bottom Preparation
    A mixture of vermiculite and concrete is hand troweled along the bottom of the pool to create a smooth finish.
  4. Hanging the Liner
    Once the bottom has had a chance to set, we drop the liner into place using a special vacuum system to get rid of wrinkles and immediately begin to fill with water.
  5. Pouring the Deck (65% progress payment due)
    After setting the liner, we begin pouring the concrete deck around the pool. We provide complimentary umbrella cups to give strategic shade placement as well as expansion joints to help with the natural settling process.
  6. Final Punch List (Last 5% of contract due)
    We do a final overview with you at the end of the project to make sure you are satisfied with the final result. One of our team members will also give you a pool care overview on site so that you have an understanding of how everything works.
  7. Dive in and enjoy!